Difference Between Flat And Matte Spray Paint? (Explained!)

There are many types of spray paints available in the market, but what is the difference between flat and matte spray paint?

The first question that comes to mind when someone asks about the difference between flat and matte spray paint is whether they can use both on metal or not.

Flat spray paint has a glossy finish while matte spray paint gives a duller look. It is possible to apply both kinds of spray paint on metals. However, you need to take care of some things before applying them.

In this article we will discuss all the differences between flat and matte spray paints and how to choose which one is suitable for your project.

What is Flat spray paint?

Flat spray paint doesn’t have any shine at any time, thus it cannot reflect any light at all. Flat spray paint can be a great choice if you want to hide imperfections and irregularities on walls, ceilings, or any other surface.

It is easier to add touch up coats to the flat spray paints because these types of spray paint finishes blend better than the paint finishes which have high gloss. Most of the flat spray paints that you can buy these days are easy to clean and can withstand mild cleaning.

What is Matte spray paint?

A matte spray paint usually has very low gloss, but it has more sheen than a flat spray paint. These types of spray paints have a lower gloss than others, so they’re ideal for covering up any imperfections.

These spray paints absorb light rather then reflecting them so, they’re better for painting outdoors rather than indoor products. Because these types of spray paints contain the most pigments, you get better coverage than the flat spray paints.

Matte spray paint is ideal for hiding small flaws like scratches, dents, and scuffs. You can also use matte spray paint for adding texture to surfaces.

You should avoid using matte spray paint for large areas since it won’t give you a smooth finish. If you want to achieve a smooth finish, then you should go for flat spray paint.

Some major differences between flat and matte spray paint

Flat spray paint is generally used for interior projects while matte spray paint is used for exterior projects. It is important to note that both types of spray paint offer different benefits. However, some people prefer one over another.

Here are some major differences between flat and mattes spray paint:

Basis of differencesFlat Spray PaintMatte Spray Paint
FinishIt provides a smoother
finish with no shine at all.
It provides a shiny
finish than flat spray paint.
CleaningIt does not require frequent
It requires frequent cleaning.
MaintenanceIt does not require much
It requires regular maintenance.
SuitabilityIt is mostly suitable for indoor
It is mostly suitable for outdoor

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How do I know which kind of spray paint is best suited for my project?

You can easily find out which type of spray paint is suitable for your project by reading the product label. The product labels usually mention the application method, type and the required thickness of the coat.

If you are looking for an overall solution, then you should consider investing in a good quality primer. A primer helps in creating a strong bond between the substrate and the topcoat. In addition, it also makes the final coating last longer.

When choosing between flat and matte spray, you should always keep in mind what you want to achieve. If you want to create a durable finish, then you should invest in a primer. Afterward, you can apply either flat or matte spray paint depending upon your preference.

If you don’t have a primer, then you should try to make sure that the substrate is well prepared before applying the topcoat. For example, if you are painting a wooden floor, then sanding it with a fine grit paper is recommended. Sanding removes the roughness from the wood so that the next layer of spray paint adheres properly.

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Is there any difference in the price of flat and matte spray paint?

No, there is no such huge difference in the price of these two types of spray paint. Both flat and matte spray paint are available in various brands and colors. You can get them online or even in local stores.

However, you should remember that the cost of the spray paint depends on many factors including the brand name, color, size, etc. So, you should never expect a cheap price tag when buying a good quality spray paint from a trusted brand.


After going through this article, you must be clear about the difference between flat and matte spray paints. Now, you can choose the right type of spray paint according to your needs.

There are different types and finishes of spray paint available in the market. Before purchasing spray paint, you need to know about the pros and cons of each type. This way, you can select the best spray paint for your project.

Flat and matte spray paints are widely used by homeowners and professionals alike. They provide excellent results. However, they come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

In conclusion, flat and matte spray paints are equally effective but they have their own unique features. Therefore, it is up to you to decide which one is better suited for your home improvement project. In case you need more information about other spray paints, feel free to check our list of Best Spray Paints.


Difference between flat and matte spray paint

What is the difference between flat and mattes?

Flat and mattes are basically two types of spray paint that differ in terms of their finishing. Flat spray paint gives a finish with no shine at all, whereas mattes give more shine than flat spray paints.

Is matte spray paint expensive?

No, matte spray paint is not as expensive as flat spray paint. There is no significant difference in the price of matte and flat spray paints.

How do I clean my flat spray paint?

To remove dirt from your flat spray paint, use a damp cloth. If you want to make sure that your flat spray paint remains fresh, you should regularly clean it using a damp cloth.

Can I use matte spray paint on metal surfaces?

Yes, you can use matte spray paint on any kind of surface such as wood, plastic, glass, or even metal. You just need to ensure that the surface is well prepared before applying the paint.

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