Does Dollar General Sell Spray Paint? (Answered!)

Dollar General stores have become a popular place to shop for many people because of their low prices and wide variety of products. However, when it comes to spray paint, people often wonder if they can buy it at a dollar store or not.

Dollar stores are great places to go if you want to save money on your next project. In this article we will be discussing whether or not dollar general sell spray paints in their stores and if they do, which spray paint brands are available and at what prices. So, lets get started!

Does Dollar General Sell Spray Paint?

Yes, dollar general does sell spray paint. As of 2022, Dollar General no longer sells spray paint online. However, you will find the spray paint cans at most of their offline stores. Dollar General sells Miracle Brand spray paint in 8oz cans, in three finish options – glossy, premium, and metallic.

You also must know that most states and cities have set a minimum age for buying spray paint to prevent graffiti. So, make sure that you are at least 18 years old and also carry an identity card, for example your driving license with yourself while visiting the store.

Incase the staff at the store ask for any proof of your age, you can show them your identity card. This is very important because many states and cities have their own strict rules against buying and using spray paints to stop vandalism and protect public properties.

I have written a more detailed article on why do you need to 18 to buy spray paint. You may read this article for more information.

Can You Buy Spray Paint at Dollar General?

Yes, you can buy spray paints at Dollar General. Currently they are selling spray paints only at their offline stores. You must also know that spray paints are age restricted. Most states and cities have laws that prohibits anyone under 18 years of age to buy spray paints.

However, if your age is above 18 then you can purchase spray paints from Dollar General. The only thing you should keep in mind is that you cannot use the spray paint on public properties. You are only allowed to use it only on your own property.

Spray painting graffiti on public or private properties without the owner consent is considered vandalism. You may be heavily fined by the police department or even arrested if caught doing so.

What Brand of Spray Paint Does Dollar General Sell?

You can buy Miracal brand spray paints from Dollar General in three different finishes – gloss, premium and metallic. Miracal spray paints are known for their high quality and long lasting finish. They are easy to clean up as well.

You will find the spray paint at just $2 dollar or less. At such unbeatable low price, anyone can easily afford to buy one or two cans of spray paint.

Miracle Brand spray paints come in eight ounce cans. These cans are perfect for small projects like painting signs, walls, fences, etc.

The best part about these spray paints is that they are made with eco-friendly ingredients. They contain very less VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and other harmful chemicals.

How Much Does Spray Paint Cost at Dollar General?

You can get a 8 oz. can of Miracal spray paint for around $2 dollars or less. But if you want to buy the Miracal premium or metallic spray paint then you will have to pay extra money.

These premium and metallic spray paints cost around $3 to $5 per can. If you are planning to buy multiple cans then you can save some money by purchasing in bulk.

If you are looking to buy spray paints offline then Dollar General has the best prices. However, online shopping offers better discounts and free shipping options.

Where can I find the spray paint at dollar general?

Does Dollar General Sell Spray Paint
Does Dollar General Sell Spray Paint?

You can find the spray paints at the store’s main location. There are usually several shelves where all the spray paints are located.

If you don’t see any spray paints there or can’t locate them then you can seek help from the store staffs. They will help you locate the spray paints.

You can also check out the spray paint section of the website. Click here to see the list of products available at Dollar General.


Dollar General sells spray paints at their offline stores. It is also important to note that Dollar General do not currently sell spray paints online.

You can buy spray paints from Dollar General for at very cheap prices. But you need to remember that you cannot use them on public properties. Also, you cannot use them on anything that belongs to someone else.

So before you start spraying, make sure you know what you are doing. This way you won’t end up in any trouble. Also, always read the instructions carefully before using the spray paint. You can find many information regarding spray paints in our blog. We have covered everything related to it. Check it out!


Does Dollar General Sell Rustoleum Spray Paint?

No, Dollar General does not sell Rustoleum paint. The only brands of spray paint that you can purchase at Dollar General are Miracle brand.

Does Dollar General Sell Krylon Spray Paint?

No, you can’t buy Krylon spray paint at Dollar General. Only Miracle brand spray paints are sold at this store.

What is the Age Requirement for Purchasing Spray Paint?

You must be at least 18 years old to buy spray paints. You should also be aware of the fact that you cannot use spray paints on public property.

Is Miracal Spray Paint safe?

Yes, the spray paints are completely safe. They are made with eco-friendy ingredients. So you can use them without worrying about harming your health.

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