Is Spray Paint Waterproof? (Explained!)

We all are familiar with spray paints and its amazing properties like the ability to change colors, texture, etc. But what about when it comes to water? Is spray paint waterproof?

This simple question can not be answered with a “Yes” or “No”. The reason is there are both types of spray paints available that are water resistant as well as those that are not.

The first type of spray paints that are not mostly waterproof are the indoor spray paints. Since, indoor spray paints are meant for interior use only, they do not have any kind of coating on them that would make them water proof.

Though these spray paints can resist some water, but these are not completely waterproof. These kinds of spray paints are usually used for painting indoor items like furniture, walls, doors, windows, etc.

The second type of spray paints that we need to consider are outdoor spray paints. These spray paints are made to withstand moisture in the air and hence these spray paints are mostly waterproof. They are also known as exterior spray paints. Outdoor spray paints are mainly used for painting cars, boats, motorcycles, trailers, garden furniture, etc.

In this article we will have a look at some of the most common questions regarding these indoor and outdoor spray paints, how to know which spray paint is waterproof and also how to apply a waterproof spray paint.

Is spray paint waterproof?

There are different types of spray paints available, some of which are waterproof and some are not. All these types of spray paints can be broadly divided into two main categories such as indoor and outdoor spray paints.

It has been found that most of the indoor spray paints that are available today are not waterproof. This means that if you want to use an indoor spray paint then you should avoid using it outdoors since it may get damaged by the rain.

However, there are some indoor spray paints that are water-resistant. But these spray paints are very limited and difficult to find.

On the other hand, outdoor spray paints are mostly waterproof. This is because, outdoor spray paints are mostly used on surfaces that are exposed to the elements and harsh weather conditions. Hence, they are designed to protect the surface from getting wet.

What Makes Spray Paint Waterproof?

Now, let us discuss what makes a spray paint waterproof. There are many factors that determine whether a particular spray paint is waterproof or not. However, the most important factor is the ingredients that are used to make up the spray paint.

Waterproof spray paints are mostly oil-based and contain special additives that help in making the spray paint waterproof. On the other hand, non-waterproof spray paints are solvent based and contain no special additives.

These special additives are called emulsifiers. Emulsifiers help in keeping the spray paint stable and prevent it from separating. If the spray paint separates, then it becomes sticky and hard to control. It also gets clogged easily. These additives also make the spray paints waterproof.

How do you know if Spray Paint is Waterproof?

If you are buying a spray paint for your home improvement project, then you must always check its label to see if it is waterproof or not. You can buy spray paints online too. Online stores provide information about their products including the details of the product’s ingredients.

How do you know if spray paint is waterproof
How do you know if spray paint is waterproof?

If you are looking for a specific brand of spray paint, then you can search online for reviews and ratings of that particular brand as well as if the spray paint is waterproof or not. You can also read the instructions provided with the spray paint carefully before applying it.

You can also ask your local hardware store owner or staff to recommend you a good quality spray paint that is waterproof. In case you cannot find any recommendations, then you can try asking around among your friends and family members.

It is clearly mentioned by the manufacturer of the spray paint whether it is waterproof or not on the spray paint can. If the manufacturer says that the spray paint is waterproof, then it is indeed waterproof.

However, if the manufacturer does not mention anything about the spray paint being waterproof, then it is probably not waterproof.

How to Apply a Waterproof Spray Paint

Applying a waterproof spray paint is quite easy. All you need to do is follow the directions given by the manufacturer. The spray paint comes with a detailed manual which tells you how to apply the spray paint correctly. You can also follow these steps to apply waterproof spray paint:

How to apply waterproof spray paint
How to apply waterproof spray paint

1. Make sure the surface is clean and dry

The first step is to make sure that the surface is clean and free from dust. Dust particles will block the pores of the surface and make it difficult for the spray paint to adhere properly.

A clean and dry surface will make the waterproof spray paint stick better to the surface and will provide a long lasting finish.

2. Shake the spray paint can properly

Many people don’t shake their spray paint can properly when they use it. This is because they think shaking the can will cause the spray paint to become airborne. But this isn’t true at all. Shaking the can actually helps in evenly distributing the paint over the surface.

It will also avoid any bubbling or cracking to appear on the surface after application.

3. Move the spray paint can back and forth

When spraying the surface, move the can back and forth so that you get an even coverage. For instance, if you want to spray paint a bike, then move the can back and forward. Do this until you have covered the entire surface.

Moving the spray paint can while spraying is very important to get an even coverage. It is recommended that you cover the entire surface while moving the can.

4. Apply multiple thin coats of spray paint

Apply multiple thin coats of spray paints. Each coat should be applied after 15 to 20 minutes of each other. You must make sure that the previous coating dries fully before applying a fresh coat of spray paint.

Multiple thin coats of spray paint help in getting a smooth finish. They also ensure that the surface gets completely coated.

5. Wait for the spray paint to dry thoroughly

Wait for the spray paint to completely dry before using the surface again. A few hours should be enough time for the surface to dry completely. However, if you are working on a large surface, then you may have to wait for 24 hours to several days.

A waterproof spray paint does not require a primer. However, some manufacturers recommend priming the surface before applying the waterproof spray paint. If it is recommended by your spray paint manufacturer to apply primer, then you should apply primer first before applying the spray paint on the surface.

These are five simple steps that you must follow before applying the waterproof spray paint on the surface of your choice. These steps will ensure that the surface remains protected against water damage.

How to make a non-waterproof spray painted surface waterproof?

If you have bought a non-waterproof spray paint and you also want to protect your surface from water damage, then there is a way to achieve this goal. To make your non-waterproof spray painted surface water resistant you have to apply a waterproof clear coat on the surface after applying the spray paint.

It is recommended to apply the same brand of clear coat as the one used to apply the spray paint. The reason being that the spray paint contains chemicals which might react with the a different brands clear coat causing bubbling or peeling off of the surface.

If the clear coat and the spray paint are of the same brand then there would be no problem with the reaction between them. In such cases, you can just apply the clear coat directly on the surface after the spray paint dries.

The best thing about applying a waterproof clear coat is that it makes the surface water proof without having to use another layer of waterproof spray paint over it. This means that you do not need to spend extra money on buying another spray paint.

Is Rustoleum spray paint waterproof?

Rust-Oleum spray paints are waterproof and rust proof. They contain high quality pigments and acrylic resins that protect surfaces from corrosion.

However, there are certain precautions that you must take care of before applying the spray paint. It is recommended to apply a primer before applying the spray paint. Though, Rust-oleum spray paints does not require a primer to make it waterproof, but priming a surface before applying this spray paint will give a good result.

If you are looking for a durable and effective way to protect your outdoor furniture, then consider using Rust-oleum spray paint. This spray paint will not only protect your surface from rust and corrosion but also from any water damage.


Spray paints are one of the most useful tools available today. Spray paints come in different types and finishes. Some of them are waterproof, others are not. So, it is important to know if your spray paint is waterproof or not before buying it.

You can easily figure out whether a spray paint is waterproof or not by simply looking at the can instructions. If the can says “waterproof”, then the spray paint is definitely waterproof. On the other hand, if the can says “not waterproof”, then the paint is not waterproof.

In conclusion, we hope that our article has helped you understand how to tell if a spray paint is waterproof. We also hope that you use this information wisely when choosing a spray paint.


Is Acrylic spray paint waterproof?

No, Acrylic spray paints are not waterproof. However, the paint become water-resistant once it completely dries. These spray paints are mostly for indoor use and not suitable for outdoor applications.

Does spray paint come off in water?

Yes, spray paint comes off in water. Therefore, it is very important to clean up after spraying the paint. You should always wear protective gloves while cleaning up the sprayed surface. However, once a waterproof spray paint completely dries it will not come off in water. 

Is Krylon spray paint waterproof?

Krylon spray outdoor spray paints are waterproof. However, they do not need a primer. But, you can still apply a primer before applying these spray paints.

How long does a spray paint last?

The life span of a spray paint depends upon several factors such as the type of material used, the thickness of the coating, and the weather conditions. In general, a spray paint lasts about three to five years.

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