Can You Spray Paint Galvanized Metal? [Explained!]

Galvanized metal is a type of steel that has been coated in zinc. This coating protects the steel from corrosion and rusting. Because galvanized metal is not as vulnerable to these problems, it is often used for outdoor applications such as fences, roofs, and decking. However, if you would like to spray paint galvanized metal, it is possible to do so.

In this article, we will go over what you need to do to get the best results when painting galvanized metal.

To learn how to paint galvanize steel and what supplies are needed, keep reading.

What spray paint works on galvanized metal?

Not all spray paints are created equal, and some will work better on galvanized metal than others. In general, Acrylic Latex based spray paints are the best option. These types of paints will adhere to galvanized metal better, and they are also more durable than other varieties.

If you cannot find an Acrylic Latex based spray paint at your local hardware store, don’t worry! You can easily order the right kind online in a few days with one click.

It is very important to know that most of the spray paints are alkyd-based and are not suitable for galvanized metal or steel.

So, it is recommended to check the details on the spray paint can whether it is alkyd or acrylic latex-based paint before purchasing it.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a spray paint for galvanized metal is the color. Most spray paints come in a variety of colors, but it is important to choose one that will show up well on the steel.

Darker colors are often better for galvanized metal, as they will contrast more against the natural grayish color of the metal.

Will Rustoleum paint stick to galvanized metal?

Yes, Rustoleum acrylic latex spray paints will stick to galvanized metal very well. If you want to use Rustoleum spray paints for your Galvanized metal go with Rustoleum cold galvanized spray paint.

This is the best Rustoleum paint for galvanized metal. This zinc coating, which is composed of 93% pure zinc, provides excellent adhesion and durability on galvanized metal.

What kind of primer do you use on galvanized metal?

When painting galvanized metal, it is important to use a primer that will create a good surface for the paint to adhere to. A good primer for galvanized metal is one that is specifically designed for this type of surface.

One such primer is Rust-Oleum Rust Flat Aluminum Primer. This primer can be used on both bare and painted surfaces, and it is specially formulated for metal.

Another type of primer that works well on galvanized metal is the Valspar Galvanized Metal Primer. This primer also prepares both bare and painted surfaces, but it has a more textured finish that provides good hiding power to protect against rusting.

No matter which primer you choose, make sure to follow the instructions on the can for the best results.

Once the primer has been applied, it is time to start painting!

How do you spray paint galvanized steel?

To paint galvanized steel, you will want to prepare the surface by removing any residual dirt and rust. A wire brush can be helpful for this task, but make sure not to damage or scratch away too much of the zinc coating in the process.

Once all of the dirt has been removed from your metal roofing or decking, follow the below-mentioned process.

Use hot soapy water to clean the metal:

You may want to wear rubber gloves and safety goggles when cleaning the galvanized metal. Mix a solution of hot soapy water in a bucket, then use paper towels or rags to wipe down the entire surface of your decking or roofing.

Hot soapy water will help remove any remaining dirt or grease, and it will also help to open up the pores of the metal so that the primer and paint will adhere better.

Rinse off with clean water:

Once you have wiped away all visible dirt and grime from your metal, rinse it off with clean water to remove all of the soap. Rinse the metal until the water runs clear. Rinsing also helps to remove any chemicals that may be present on the surface of the metal.

Use a tack cloth to wipe the whole surface:

Get a clean tack cloth, and wipe the entire surface of your metal. This will remove any dust or particles that may have been left behind after cleaning.

Allow the metal to dry:

Make sure the metal is completely dry before you start painting. If it isn’t, the paint may not adhere properly and could peel or chip away over time. Allow the metal to dry for at least 2 to 3 hours before you start painting.

Apply the primer:

Once the metal is completely dry, apply a coat of primer to the surface. Simply follow the instructions on the primer can for best results. Primer will help the paint to adhere better to the metal, and it will also help to protect against rust.

Wait for the primer to dry:

Make sure you pay attention to the instructions on your primer can, and allow the primer at least 30 minutes to dry before you apply a top coat.

Apply the paint:

Finally, apply a coat of spray paint in your desired color. Make sure to follow all of the instructions on the can for the best results. Allow the paint to dry completely before using your metal decking or roofing.


Spray painting galvanized metal is a quick and easy way to improve the look of your decking or roof. It can also help protect it from rust, corrosion, and other damage that may be caused by outdoor elements like rain or snow.

Whether you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to replacing old steel roofing or want to refresh some old steel railings, spray painting galvanized metal is the perfect solution.

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Can you spray cold galvanizing spray over rust?

No, you cannot. You will need to remove any rust first before applying the spray paint or primer.

How do you treat white rust on galvanized steel?

To get rid of white rust on galvanized steel, you will need to sand off the surface and apply primer. Make sure that the metal has been dried very well before applying primer.

Can you paint hot-dipped galvanized steel?

Yes, you can. In fact, it is recommended that you use a primer before painting galvanized steel. Make sure that the surface has been cleaned very well and that all the oils have been removed.

Can you use a brush to apply galvanizing spray?

Yes, you can use a brush to apply the galvanizing spray. It is best that you use a brush with natural fiber bristles, which are not too long or too stiff.

Is galvanizing spray paint anti-rust?

Yes, galvanizing spray paint can prevent rust on steel if the metal is treated with it before being exposed to the elements. It is recommended that you use a primer first on the surface of the steel, then apply the galvanizing spray paint.

Do you need to prime galvanized metal before painting?

Yes, it is recommended that you prime galvanized metal before painting.

Can you paint straight onto galvanized steel?

Yes, you can paint straight over galvanized steel. However, it is recommended that you use a primer first before using the latex-based paint.

Does galvanized paint work?

Yes galvanized paint will work if the metal has been treated with zinc or oxide prior to painting it. You can also get corrosion-resistant paints which are specially made for galvanized steel.

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