Spray Paint Different Types and Finishes (All You Need To Know)

Spray paint is something that many people are curious about, but don't know much about it. This blog post will teach you all the different types of spray paints available, how to use them correctly, and other helpful tips. You'll also learn what not to do with these paints so that your projects turn out just as well!

What are Spray Paints?

Spray paint is a type of paint that often comes in an aerosol can. It has many different uses, including decorating objects like furniture and walls, appliance repair, graffiti art, etc. Spray paints are available in many colors and finishes. They're also sometimes called 'aerosol sprays' or 'spray lacquers'.

If you've ever used spray paint before, it may have come with two parts: the can itself and the nozzle attached to it by which you actually spray out the paint.

The nozzle must always face away from your body while spraying! You should never point any kind of pressurized container towards yourself even if there's no liquid inside.

The can contains propellants like propane and butane, which are highly flammable (combustible). These must always be kept away from any heat or flame source. While this paint is often used for art projects it cannot be considered safe by any means. Always take all necessary safety precautions when using spray paints to avoid injury. If you don't know which spray paint to use then you can read our blog post on best spray paint.

What are the different types of Spray Paints?

There are all types of spray paints available. The finishes vary from matte to shiny, and the colors range in a variety of different hues. There's even glow-in-the-dark paint!

spray paint types

Spray Paint Types

Here is a list of some of the most popular spray paints:

Standard Spray Paint:

This type comes with a nozzle attached for spraying out liquid substances onto surfaces. It contains propellants that propel it through an opening at high speeds while atomizing any liquid inside into tiny droplets. 

These droplets dry very quickly, making it ideal for quick projects on porous materials like wood or canvas. This paint usually has little odor so it's safe to use indoors without ventilation systems/fans.

Standard spray paint is available in matte and glossy finishes. It can be found in a variety of different colors, but the most popular are basic shades like white, black, red, pink, blue, etc.

This type of paint works on all types of surfaces (metal, plastic or even fabric!). However, it's not good for use on non-porous materials such as glass or metal since the liquid will drip right off them when dry.

Oil-Based Spray Paint:

These are usually thick in consistency, which means they require you to apply more coats than usual for it to conceal your surface enough. They dry slowly on porous surfaces so the paint may leave visible marks while drying. 

This type of spray paint is ideal for use with metal parts since its thicker build gives them a rougher texture closer to that found on real objects.

Oil-based spray paints can be used on wood or plastic pieces if you do not mind their somewhat glossy finish after curing.

Be sure to give each coat ample time before moving onto the next one and wait longer between layers when using this product indoors due to its strong odor!

The colors available are usually darker and more muted than other types of spray paint, but they're still a good choice for painting appliances/fixtures.

Lacquer Spray Paint:

This type is known to dry quickly on all surfaces due to its thinner consistency compared to oil-based varieties. It's also available in a wide range of colors that can be easily blended together when using multiple cans at once (e.g., light green mixed with dark blue makes cyan).

You will find lacquer paints particularly useful if you want your final product to have an opaque finish since it covers up the surface beneath it completely after drying.

Lacquer spray paint has many uses including restoring old furniture pieces or giving new life to the store finds. Just remember not to use it on any porous material as it may absorb the liquid and discolor over time.

Satin Spray Paint:

As you can guess from its name, this type is available in a wide range of colors that dry with a semi-gloss finish. It's not as shiny as high-gloss spray paints but contains more sheen compared to non-finish varieties which tend to produce flat surfaces when dried.

This makes it easier for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts alike to create custom items like trophies or decorative wall pieces without having too much trouble painting them!

Satin spray paint has many uses including finishing off plastic fixtures and objects, giving new life or style to old furniture pieces, or creating unique decorations for home use. Just remember not to use it on any porous material as it may absorb the liquid and discolor over time.

Satin spray paint is an excellent choice for hobbyists who want to add their own personal touch when designing custom model cars, figurines, or dolls! Try painting each part of your creation with different colors/finish types (glossy vs satin) to make it stand out more while giving you a chance to practice working with various materials.

Epoxy Spray Paint: 

Epoxy spray paint is a thick paint comprised of adhesives and polymers that is difficult to remove. It's stain-resistant, but it's also resistant to common cleaning chemicals, making it tough to clean. This type of paint is archival, meaning that it has a low level of toxicity and can be used to conserve items.

Epoxy spray paints have many uses including coating the surface of tools or automotive parts for protection against rusting while also making them easier to clean after use.

You can also apply this product to antiques or vintage furniture pieces in order to preserve them from further damage without having too much trouble restoring their original appearance.

High-heat Spray Paint: 

High-heat Spray paints that are used for stoves and ovens can endure temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, making them perfect for such items.

Only the outside of an item should be painted with high-heat spray paints. The product should not be used on any electrical parts or items that come into contact with food.

High-heat Spray Paint has many uses including restoring home appliances to their original appearance and color, protecting them from rusting over time, and making it easier for DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists alike to make custom creations without too much trouble painting them!

Don't forget to allow the paint some time after application before heating up an oven or stove as doing so may cause some of its contents to burn or discolor due to rapid cooling down.

Acrylic Latex Spray Paint:

This type is also known as water-based spray paints since they contain a high percentage of water in addition to latex acrylic resins. These products are generally less toxic than oil-based varieties, but they also take longer to dry and may need more than one coat for optimal results.

Acrylic Latex Spray Paint has many uses including painting furniture pieces or home appliances that will be exposed to water (like sinks) without having too much trouble removing the paint when it comes time to redecorate!

Just remember not to use this product on any porous material as it may absorb the liquid and discolor over time.

Chalkboard Spray Paint: 

Chalkboard spray paint is a flat, one-purpose paint that can be used to turn any flat surface into a dry-erase board so that kids may write and draw on it with chalk. It's common in children's bedrooms.

Chalkboard Spray Paint has many uses including turning an ordinary, unused wall in your home into a fun place for kids to doodle or play with chalk!

You can also use it on wood surfaces that won't absorb the liquid too much. Just remember not to use this product on any porous material as it may absorb the liquid and discolor over time.

Enamel Spray Paint: 

Enamel spray paints are renowned for their longevity and rapid drying time. They have a glossy sheen and are frequently used to paint outdoor furniture since they endure the elements well. Enamel spray paints are also frequently used to restore old cars that have faded or discolored over time.

Enamel Spray Paint has many uses including giving new life to an older car while at the same time protecting it from rusting! This paint is also good for use on outdoor furniture, especially if you're looking for a polished look with little trouble maintaining it in the future.

Frosted Spray Paint: 

Transparent surfaces, such as frosted glass, may be made semi-transparent with frosted spray paints. It's often used to make things more difficult to see through for personal privacy.

Frosted Spray Paint has many uses including creating privacy barriers on windows with clear glass! Frosting out a window is an easy way to create some semblance of privacy without having too much trouble maintaining it or cleaning the pane.

Rust-preventive Spray paint: 

Rust-preventive spray paint is available in a variety of colors. It's frequently utilized on outdoor furniture and other metal objects that might rust if left outdoors.

Rust-preventive Spray Paint has many uses including protecting outdoor furniture from rusting so that it can be used for years to come!

This spray paint is also useful in creating custom art or designs on metal surfaces without too much trouble removing the decor when needed.

Different Spray Paint Finishes

Spray paint is available in a range of different finishes that may be used to complement your interior design. The most common spray paint finishes are listed below.

spray paint finishes

Spray Paint Finishes

Flat Finish Spray Paint: 

This finish has no shine at all and generally needs multiple coats for optimal results. It's good for use on surfaces where the matte look will fit well or blend with another decor.

Glossy Finish Spray Paint:

This finish has a high shine to it and is great for creating accents or painting furniture that will be used often. It's easy to clean, but the paint may rub off if not treated carefully over time.

Metallic Finish Spray Paint:

Metallic spray paints have a reflective sheen due to being made from aluminum or another metal. Metallic spray paint is great for adding accents to furniture, walls, and doors in your home! This finish tends to wear off over time if not treated carefully, but it's easy to clean when needed.

Satin Finish Spray Paint:

This finish is somewhere in between flat and glossy finishes. It may be used to great effect on furniture pieces that require subtlety or elegant touch.

Semi-Gloss Finish Spray Paint:

This type of paint has a sheen that's not too high nor low, making it perfect for creating accents with some style without being ostentatious.

This spray paint is also good for creating fun designs on walls or doors in your home without too much trouble removing them when you're ready to do so!

Textured Finish Spray Paint:

This finish has a unique, textured look that's great for adding some flair to furniture pieces while protecting their surfaces with an extra layer of paint. 

This finish also has a bit of grip to it, which makes textured spray paint great for creating fun designs on walls or doors in your home.

High-Gloss Finish Spray Paint:

This finish is ultra-shiny and very reflective, making it great for creating accents with a lot of styles. The downside to this type of paint is that it's not as easy to clean as other types since the dust and other messes will be visible on such a shiny surface.


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