What Causes Spray Paint to Wrinkle? (7 Pro Tips)

Have you ever noticed the wrinkles of spray paint? You paint a beautiful coating of the spray paint layer and let it dry, but you see some patchy wrinkles instead of that smooth surface when you return. So the question is, what causes spray paint to wrinkle?

In this article, I will describe the causes of paint wrinkles the way it does, what you should and shouldn't be doing to prevent this from happening, and what you can do to fix the issue.

What causes Spray Paint to wrinkle?

Many factors can cause the spray paint to wrinkle, such as the quality of the spray paint, the kind of material you're painting, and other environmental factors.

1. If the coating of spray paint is too thick 

Applying a too thick layer of spray paint is the primary reason for spray paint wrinkles. The reason for these wrinkles is that the outer layer of the paint has dried faster and quicker than the inner layer and the inner layer is still damp. 

Because the spray paint is not fully cured in the inner layer, if you start to coat the outer layer as well, this outer layer will be dried faster and try to expand. This ultimately will cause the wrinkles of spray paint that nobody wants.

2. If it is too hot outside

Extreme temperatures can also result in wrinkles. Spray painting outdoors in the hot temperatures of summer can cause wrinkles of spray paint.

When the weather is too hot, if you spray paint anything outside, then there are higher chances that the outer layer of the paint coat will dry faster than the inner layer coat, and ultimately this will result in spray paint wrinkles. 

3. If the humidity is extremely high

Paint that has not been completely cured and exposed to extreme humidity, rain, or dew may be stretched and wrinkle. It is always recommended to avoid spray painting if the humidity is above 85%.

4. If the premier is uncured

Applying spray paint coating on the primer that isn't thoroughly dried can also cause wrinkles. Also when the primer and spray paint are of different brands, they may not bond with each other well. It is recommended to use the same brand of spray paint and primer.

5. If the surface is contaminated

A mixture of grease, wax, or other substances on the surface could also hinder the spray paint from being able to anchor to it and can cause wrinkles

While spray painting a surface that is not porous, this three-step preparation of the surface is suggested. 

  • Use detergent and water to remove water-soluble dirt. 
  • Wax and grease removers to get rid of oily contaminants and
  • A final clean-up of the surface using isopropyl alcohol to remove any remaining contaminants.

6. If the materials are incompatible

Follow the guidelines of the spray paint manufacturer concerning compatibility between primers, paints, thinners, and additives. If the materials are not compatible with each other, then this can also cause wrinkles of spray paint.

7 pro tips to avoid wrinkles of spray paint:

These are some pro spray painting tips from my side that you can apply to avoid spray paint's wrinkles and achieve a smooth spray paint finish.

1. Always make sure the materials are compatible

Before applying spray paints and primers, be sure that the materials you use are compatible. Most materials are typically compatible, but they are not always.

It's generally not recommended to mix an enamel in conjunction with acrylic. Although the manufacturer's technical documentation will provide some guidelines regarding the choice of materials, the only way to know if coatings are going to perform in your specific application is to test them yourself.

2. Do proper surface preparation

Since grease, waxes, and other pollutants can interfere with the adhesiveness of the spray paint to the substrate, adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines on surface preparation before applying primer.

3. Keep patience while painting

While spray painting, focus and patience are essential. Also, be sure to follow the advice regarding temperatures and humidity requirements when you spray paint.

4. Let the primer set properly

After applying the primer to the substrate, give enough time for the primer to set before spray painting another layer, do it according to the manufacturer's instructions.

The spray paint may appear dry but may not be completely cured. Keep in mind that drying is not identical to curing. Dry spray paint can take weeks to resolve, and during this time, your primer is likely to expel gas.

5. Avoid Spray Painting in High Temperatures

After the primer has completely dried, you're now at the point of spray painting. If you're undertaking an outdoor project, make sure you do not spray paint in very high temperatures. 

Spray painting exposed to sunlight during the summer heat can dry out too quickly. The spray paint could get dry and hard on its surface and leave the bottom layer uncured. Also, do not spray paint when the humidity is too high.

6. Use quality Thinners

If you use thinners or other additives, use a thinner by the manufacturer's suggestions. Make sure you use the recommended thinner for the temperature of your workplace or in your shop.

Utilizing the wrong thinner could cause issues. In some instances, the substrate could not absorb the thinner, which may cause wrinkles of spray paint.

7. Apply Thin coats of spray paint 

If you're spray painting, always apply thin coats. The application of multiple thin coats is usually preferred to spray painting a single thick coat.

Also, while applying various coats of layer, ensure that you allow enough drying time between coats.

So, these are the 7 tips that you must follow to avoid spray paint wrinkles. If you have any doubts, then you can ask by commenting below.


Can we fix wrinkled Spray paint?

Yes, we can easily fix the wrinkled Spray paint by following the steps mentioned in this article.

How long it may take to fix wrinkled spray paint?

It may take 2 to 3 hours to fix wrinkled Spray paint.

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