What Is Hammered Spray Paint? (All You Need To Know)

In this blog post, I'm going to talk about what is hammered spray paint, how to use it, and things to keep in mind while using hammered spray paint. So, let's start!

What is hammered Spray paint?

Hammered spray paint is a type of paint with tiny metal particles in the mixture of the paint, which creates a textured metallic look on whatever surface it is applied to when dry.

The name "hammered" actually refers to the tools used by goldsmiths and silversmiths to crush and shape metals, though the type of hammered texturing seen in this paint is not possible with a hammer.

Today, hammered spray paint is applied to everything from clothing to home decor.

Textiles coated with this type of paint look like raw metal without the weight, so it's also very popular for other accessories.

Hammered spray paint is often used on furniture to give a worn or antique appearance.

It is also commonly used to create faux finishes and to coat other surfaces in order to add a textured appearance.

How to use the Hammered spray paint?

You can use the hammered spray paint in any regular spray-painting manner.

There is no technique to learn, and the only way you could mess up would be to apply too much coats at once or use it in the wrong circumstances (like applying it when humidity is high).

It's important that you follow the directions on the can when using this type of spray paint, as the metallic particles may not dry properly if you do it wrong.

What is hammered spray paint used for?

Hammered spray paint is great for all sorts of surfaces, so it should work well in most areas. It can be used on anything you want to look like metal.

It is often used on furniture for an antiqued or rustic appearance that doesn't have the weight of real metal.

Another common project for this type of spray paint is faux finishes, where the texture gives a worn appearance without being too obvious about it.

The hammered spray paint can also be used to give anything from clothing to home decor accents the look of raw metal.

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Why is it better to use Hammered spray paint?

Hammered spray paint sticks well to most surfaces, so you can use it on porous items.

It also has a low-sheen finish, which makes it appropriate for many different projects.

The textured metallic look is great for furniture finishes and other pieces, giving them an antique or rustic appearance without actually trying to mimic real metal in weight or texture.

There are less likely to be complaints about the texture being too bumpy since it does have a smoother finish than other metallic paint.

Things to keep in mind when using hammered spray paint

A single can of hammered spray paint will often suffice for smaller projects, but you might need multiple cans if you are working on something large.

It may take time for the metallic particles to dry, so it shouldn't be applied when humidity is high.

You also need to wait for it to dry completely before you attempt to touch or move anything that has been painted with this type of paint.

The texture tends to show scuffs and fingerprints easily, so take care when using the hammered spray paint if you want it to last.

How to get maximum use out of hammered spray paint?

You can easily extend the life of your cans of this type of spray paint by storing them properly.

It's best to put the lid onto the can and store them vertically.

This reduces the amount of air left inside to help prevent the paint from drying out too quickly. It also protects the paint from any water or humidity in the air.

Make sure that your storage area is cool and dry if possible since heat and humidity can cause the metallic particles to separate from the paint.


Hammered spray paint is a great tool for anyone looking to add an antique or rustic appearance to wood, metal, or other surfaces.

It's easy enough for most people to use without any specialized training and produces a textured metallic look that looks convincing from a distance.

The low-sheen finish of the hammered spray paint also makes it appropriate for many different projects.

It works well on most surfaces, but it can't be used in high humidity.

Storing it properly will help you get the most out of your cans.

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